Kenyabuzz Interviews our Founder

In 2015 Sharon Njoroge introduced DisCoucher, Kenya’s first book of discounts. Within it are free discount vouchers that you can avail at popular hotels, restaurants and spas. It’s mechanics are simple. Buy one, get one free.

When you buy a product or service at a participating establishment, you trigger the use of a voucher. For instance, if you buy a meal at the Carnivore, you can then redeem another meal of the same amount using a voucher from the book. It is a 100-page ticket to freebie heaven.

Sharon got the idea from Dubai where she lived and studied for 10 years. DisCoucher has partnered with over 50 outlets in and out of Nairobi to offer such discounts. The current edition includes offers to Carnivore, Le Palanka, Que Pasa, Cheka Japanese, La Maison Royale, Diani Reef Beach Resort, Medina Palms, etc.

But it hasn’t been a breeze. 22-year-old Sharon forms part of a unique but growing group of Kenyans. Young individuals who for one reason or the other spent their formative years in a foreign land. “They like to call us Third Culture Kids,” she says.

They have moved between cultures, inadvertently turning into rolling stones. For some like Sharon, home eventually beckons. And through the process of rediscovering it, the reality of their divided culture comes into play, posing challenges. How do they cope?

I sat down with Sharon for a candid talk about setting up shop in Kenya. And how she navigates the business and social nuances of a country she knows to be home but sometimes hardly recognizes her.