5 Inexpensive ways to celebrate mum

Our dear mothers have taught us a lot, they have loved us, they have nurtured us and we are celebrating mum this weekend. There are great inexpensive ways to celebrate mum which would maker her happy to see that you are wisely spending the money you have worked hard for. Lets show her how special she really is this weekend. 

1. Cook her dinner

Mum always fed and cared for you and what better way to celebrate her than returning the favor. Prepare a nice meal for her and why not take it up an extra notch and set the tone. Pull out the nice plates, set the table nicely, and light some candles. She will love the time and thought you put into it. Here are some meal ideas from Kaluhi's Kitchen.

2. Go on an adventure

Pick mum up and take her on a little adventure. There is so much to see close to Nairobi, less than a 2 hour drive away. Exploring the country and going somewhere new will be great fun. Don't forget to carry your camera and capture the unforgettable moment. Here's a few ideas: 

3. Let her decide

Its her special day, so let her decide what she wants to do! Keep your day free and let her know you are available and ready to do whatever she wants. Sometimes all she wants to do is to spend time with you doing everyday activities. But have a back up plan just incase. 

4. Wine and dine her

Maybe your mum wants to get dolled up and go out. Take her out for a nice meal, buy her a bottle of wine, enjoy great conversation, memories and laughter together. She'd appreciate the time you've taken out of your day to treat her out on a nice experience. Here are some suggestions we have from our selection of discounts:

5. Spa day

Mum works so hard, she needs a little rest and relaxation every now and again, so why not treat her out for some pampering. A massage, a manicure, a pedicure or a new hair do, the options are endless. Here are some suggestions from our discounts:

Happy Mothers Day!!