I started using DisCoucher in 2017 and I absolutely love it. I've visited lovely restaurants that I probably wouldn't have if it wasn't for DisCoucher and saving some money (quite a lot) while at it. I am really looking forward to see what DisCoucher has in store for us in 2019. Thank you for being such an amazing Travel and Eat Out partner DisCoucher, I am never leaving you behind 💕.

Sally Waruinge

I got myself the 2018 Discoucher book after referral from a friend. 

That opened a great experience for me in terms of dining. Apart from the amazing discounts (nothing beats 1+1 Free), I got to sample new restaurants I hadn't been to before. Some of them have become my favorite now :)  

I look forward to greater Discoucher experiences in 2019.

Eugene Mutama

The DisCoucher book has been a fantastic way to explore new places in Nairobi. During our three years here we have tried many new restaurants, spas, and hotels --all at discounted rates. Literally, the coupon book pays for itself in about two uses!

We discovered some of our new favorite restaurants that we probably would never have found without trying a coupon out of the DisCounter book. I have never had any trouble in using a coupon and would highly recommend purchasing the book for anyone who enjoys eating out and trying new places.